Friday Finds: Lauren B's Etsy Shop

Confession time! I'm a huge online window shopper. During lunch breaks or bouts of boredom, I often end up wandering aimlessly through various online catalogs, even if I actually rarely purchase anything. Right now, I'm in an online shopping dry spell because I've been a good girl and saving for things I really, really want (like a new tattoo!). When I do get a buying bug, I often turn to Etsy, because it offers a wide variety of handmade to vintage to reworked items. 

You might recognize the name Lauren Busiere from pasts posts on my blog - she's the tattoo artist that has done all the work on my left arm! If you'd like to see a bit more about her work on me, check out this post. At the moment, she is focusing more on art, creating, her framing business, and selling awesome vintage finds rather than focusing on tattooing. This means I've been creeping her Etsy shop a whole lot as she updates rather frequently.

I'm forever in a state of not quite nesting in my home, but really needing to do so. This means I ought to get my act together and start to actually settle in my current apartment. It's not my ideal setup, but the space is nice, and I have the feeling I could make it "mine." I'm a fan of little items here and there that help bring character to a space, so although I'd prefer to move towards a more minimal state in my apartment, I do love to have trinkets. Pack rat status runs in my family for sure.

Outside of her vintage finds, Lauren also has illustrated a number of coloring books for purchase through her etsy shop! Who's going to download the Prince and David Bowie ones with me?!

Find Lauren here: