Mani Monday: Ciaté London's "Knee Highs"

I'm always looking to try new nail polish brands, especially if they can rival my love for my already established favorites. Cue my friend Emily recently handing me down this cute little bottle of Ciaté London. I've seen this brand inside Sephora but I really haven't heard much buzz about it, so it wasn't on my mind when it came to new purchases. That's all about to change. This mini bottle packs a punch full of gorgeous color, easy application, and great coverage. Although the color itself, "Knee Highs," isn't anything unusual, the formula is a stunner. 

I was totally blown away by how easily this polish applied. The brush is just the right width for my nails, and the color was opaque in two coats. I've been trying to work on my skills and paint closer and closer to my cuticles, but it's so scary! I feel like I have less control over how clean the top of the polish looks. But with "Knee Highs," I had no problem getting all up on the cuticle proximity, and I only needed to gently clean up the edges with my brush. Yowza. I'm in love. I was in Sephora over the weekend to exchange a foundation I didn't like (Tarte's Amazonian Clay foundation legitimately looked like clay on my face. Not chill.), and I picked up a new Ciaté color to try out soon to see if the quality holds up across the line. 

I no longer see "Knee Highs" available on Ciaté's website, and it was not in Sephora this weekend. I believe it was actually released in mid-late 2014. But because you can find similar shades of blue in other polish lines, I don't think it's the end of the world that "Knee Highs" is no longer in circulation.

Have you used Ciaté before? What's your experience or opinions on its formula? Let me know!

Polishes Used:
Blue: Ciaté's "Knee Highs"
Top & Base Coats: Seche Vite