Mani Monday: Mineral Fusion's Tahitian Pearl

Happy Monday, loves! Today's featured nail polish is another lovely vegan shade from Mineral Fusion! This is the second polish I own of theirs, and I'm just as impressed. Do you remember my post about the subtly glam "Nickle & Dime?"  I was really happy with the application and quality of that shade, and "Tahitian Pearl" follows suit. 

Now, I'm no stone or pearl expert, but I'm pretty positive this is a little more green than Tahitian pearls usually are. I thought that they're typically a dark gray or near-black with an oil slick-like color wash on top, but I could be totally wrong. This is more of a fancy swampy color with tiny pink and gold shimmer in it, making it almost qualify as a duochrome. I applied this shade at night, and I wasn't unusually thrilled by it at first. But when I saw it in sunlight the next day, I fell in love. It walks the fine line between professional and edgy. Olive has been adopted as a neutral color by many, and I think "Tahitian Pearl" is good example of that. It's not going to call attention away from your outfit, and gives an air of a polished finish. 

Again, I was very happy with the application. The brush on these Mineral Fusion polishes is perfect for me. I find it easy to handle, and it deposits just the right amount of color with each swipe. The formula of Tahitian Pearl is nearing a watery consistency, but I don't mind because I can use light, thin layers and gently work the polish onto the nail bed. Cleanup was minimal because of how well the brush applies the polish. I applied this mani on Friday evening, and have not sustained any noticeable chips yet. That makes for a happy blogger! 

Do you use vegan nail polish often? If so, what brands do you love?

Polishes Used:
Olive Shimmer: Mineral Fusion's Tahitian Pearl
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite


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