Mani Monday: Essie & China Glaze Combo

Happy Mani Monday! Or, the one hour I have left of it... But I'm here to squeeze this post in really quick because I hold myself to high standards. Which means I can't leave the blog without a Mani Monday or Makeup Monday post. If I don't keep myself on top of things, no one will! Today I'm sharing a combo I'm absolutely loving that happened by accident. Also, there's something funny going on with Essie's polish names... Learn more below!

I spied the new Essie collection called "Retro Revival" at Walgreens, and the only color that stood out to me was a shimmery, bronzey nude. With a name like "Sequin Stash," I knew it had to be mine. So here's the thing: Online, this color is appearing as "Sequin Sash." My bottle is clearly labeled with "Stash!" That makes so much more sense for me as a hoarder of all things glittery. I'm not entirely sure what happened, because even Karen of Makeup & Beauty Blog used both "stash" AND "sash" in the same post

The polish itself applies beautifully, just as many Essie polishes do. I really loved the color, and I think it would be great for people who work in appearance-restricting workplaces, brides, or anyone who is searching for a gorgeous yet subtle "finishing touch" to a full look. The only issue is that it's very, very sheer. Even with my ridge-filling Seche Vite base coat's white tint, I applied a full, good three coats of "Sequin Stash." There is still a bit of a visible nail line even after all of the coats! I usually have no issues with dry time on Essie polishes, but several hours later, I discovered two of my nails had noticeable flaws on their surfaces.

Because I'm a crazy nail polish lady, I realized I had China Glaze's "Razzle Dazzle Me" in my car, and so I slapped that on over my lunch break. I actually really adore the end combination! The bronze tone of "Sequin Stash" still shines through. And, it turns out it worked perfectly with the blazer I snapped up on sale from ASOS! Thanks to Abby Gillardi for the first snap.

What do you think happened with Essie's names? 

Polishes Used:
Nude Bronze Shimmer: Essie's "Sequin S(t)ash"
Sparkle Top Coat: China Glaze's "Razzle Dazzle Me"
Base & Top Coats: Seche Vite