Currently Coveting: AMBUSH FW16

I've always had a fascination with 1950s rebel fashion. Think disenchanted, disgruntled youth in dark alleyways, with sassy attitudes, hard shells, but secretly soft hearts. The looks were revived in the 1970s' punk rock scene, made famous by names like the Sex Pistols. Although punk rock has never been my favorite genre of music, I've appreciated it since my early teens. During my brief phase of manga-reading, I collected every issue of Nana - a story about two young women both named Nana, trying to make life work after ending up in Tokyo. One Nana is in a punk rock band, and wears quite a bit of Vivienne Westwood, just as the Sex Pistols did due to their manager's work with Westwood. 

Japan once again comes to the forefront of Westwood/punk rock/Sex Pistols fashion with the accessory/design/music house of AMBUSH. The couple behind AMBUSH is Young-Kee Yu, or Verbal, and YOON. Verbal is a DJ, and music bleeds into all aspects of his life. AMBUSH also designed an incredibly gorgeous and functional speaker that has me wishing I were loaded with money. Their most recent collection, HALBSTARKE, floated by on my Twitter feed, and I stopped scrolling immediately to investigate. Photography by Amy Gwatkin, styled by Robbie Spencer.

With hard and soft juxtaposed with chains and leather, nods to the wildly popular crescent moon shape, and a whole lotta heavy metal involved, I'm drooling over every accessory in this collection. After Sid and Nancy's padlock necklace has made another return into my fashion radar, I might just have to finally nab one for myself for the days I feel rebellious. Although, a more affordable option - AMBUSH's work bears quite the price tag. 

Does punk rock fashion interest you, or make you crinkle your nose?