Mani Monday: Sally Hansen "Shark Bait"

Hello lovelies! Meade here. Now that we’re all heading back to work after a long and delightful holiday break, it’s time to buckle down, get out of our holiday sweaters and into our professional garb. Have you ever wanted to do your own professional-look manicure without necessarily trying your hand at french tips? Well this nail polish is for you! Sally Hansen triple shine collection has a lovely beige formula called “Shark Bait” that looks sleek and professional to the core!

Color Appeal: “Shark Bait” is what some would term a nude color. It certainly matches some tones of skin, but it doesn’t match the color of actual nails like a french tip manicure is meant to, so if a nail color that matches your natural nails is what you’re looking for, you will have to browse the shelves. However, if you’re simply looking for a neutral tone that makes your nails look well taken care of without the added attention-getting factor of bright colors or sparkles, this color is a great choice. 9/10.

Application: You can imagine that using a color that is not bold or high-contrast makes for a “forgiving” application, meaning that when you make mistakes like painting over bits of your cuticles, they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. This can be very helpful for those of us that aren’t too steady-handed. The formula itself is very nice. It goes on smoothly and requires only the standard two coats to reach opacity. The brush is wide and covers the nail in about two strokes. 10/10.

Durability: For being inexpensive, this line is impressively durable. I still have to use a base coat and two top coats (one OPI top coat first, followed by a coat of seche vite) but if this is done then the color will last minimum of three days and maximum of five days without major chipping or peeling.

Affordability/Availability: Sally Hansen polishes are available at local drugstores nation wide, and they cost less than a bottle of OPI. The volume of the bottle is not as much as OPI though, so the cost is more or less equivalent per unit volume. 8/10.

Overall this is an excellent, sleek, professional polish that is easy to apply and exhibits real payoff when it comes to durability and affordability!