Happy Hour Game Watching at Ruth's Chris

Last week, I was invited to pop into Ruth's Chris downtown for an evening of happy hour hullabaloo, snacking, and Blues game watching. I went to my first Blues game last year as a young adult, and boy, do they get exciting! I never realized they actually allow the players to pummel on each other. So what better way to watch men be brutes and shoot around on an ice rink while sipping amazing wine, trying hand-crafted cocktails, and indulging in delicious snacks at a swanky bar? Welcome to Ruth's Chris downtown! 

I was able to bring along my darling friend Marisa, and we both sipped on some of the wine offerings. I believe the wine I had a glass of was a red blend from Robert Mondavi, and it was just the right amount of smooth. It was easy to drink, and paired well with all the items I tasted. We sample lobster bites with creamy Sriracha sauce (pictured above), seared tuna, house-made potato chips, and more. I was really in love the the lobster bites, and would love to go back and indulge in some more. Luckily for me, the downtown Ruth's Chris location is just a short walk away from my current job! I have been here before for happy hour, but never with the intention of watching any kind of sport. Now that I know that Ruth's Chris has a number of TVs (but not in intrusive places with loud, obnoxious sound!), I can bet you I'll be back soon! I like feeling like a classy lady sometimes, and the gorgeous interior of Ruth's Chris catered to that. It's perfect for watching a very unladylike sport such as hockey while cheers-ing with your wine - you won't have to be around the noisy, bumbling crowds, getting tangled in jerseys and such!

I truthfully almost included a photo that our lovely event organizer, Alyse, snapped of me and Marisa, but... even though I champion sharing photos that don't show you at your loveliest, I really did not agree with how I Iook in the photo! Sometimes you style your hair weird, you forget to put your contacts in, and you are feeling self-conscious about your extra winter weight, so you just decide to not share the icky with your readers. And that's okay, too! But now I know next time I'm at Ruth's Chris, I'll make sure to be more on point so I can selfie away! 

Thank you to Ruth's Chris for hosting our little party, and introducing me to a new spot to watch games around town! You can still get the downtown vibe without any of the crazy crowds!

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