Adventure Day Outfit: Super Flare Maiden

On Labor Day, my friend Abby and I went exploring around town in support of the big 66 Reasons to Love STL campaign that's launched in Saint Louis, which you'll be hearing much more about verrry soon on the blog! I used the opportunity to wear some newer items from my closet. 

I have a nice little collection of vintage band tees growing inside my closet now. I've been picking them up here and there, and trying to stick with bands that were heavy-hitters in my early taste developmental stages. I know not all of us went through metal stages, but I certainly did. Hence my Iron Maiden (they just released a new album!), Metallica, and Megadeth shirts. I have a pretty kickass Van Halen tee I'm quite fond of as well. However, you frequently find that they've been altered, sometimes even cut into muscle-shirt styles. I personally save the "running around in just a bra under this shirt" look for late nights when I'm not day-walking, so I layered a sequin-covered bandeau top underneath this Iron Maiden baby. I like the unexpected sparkle. These jeans qualify as an impulse buy from a recent trip to the mall. I've been courting the idea of a pair of super-flare jeans, but buying denim can be hard for my athletic legs. For giggles, I tried these Free People jeans on, and angels started singing. Let's not talk about the price tag, however (and they're really not even that expensive, I'm just cheap and unemployed). I want to wear them all the time to make the price worth it! My leopard Jeffrey Campbell Litas are often only worn a few times a month, so this day was the perfect to bust them out on the town. I don't suggest running around brick alleys with them, though!

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Thrifted   |   Bandeau & Hat: Avalon Exchange   |   Bag & Belt: Goodwill
Litas: eBay   |   Jeans: Free People   |   Glasses: Zenni Optical   |   Necklace: MO Botanical Garden