Midweek Mani: Sally Hansen Violet Voltage

There really is nothing more hilarious than the names of nail polishes! This week's nail polish has a name that sounds like it came straight out of a cheesy action movie, or maybe the name of an unreleased David Bowie album: "VIOLET VOLTAGE!" It's a Sally Hansen hard as nails color from the Xtreme Wear collection, and it definitely pops. It's adventurous without being excessive, and it has a bit of a pearlescent undertone. I'm not sure what encouraged me to pick this color this week, except that it was bright but not too bright, and shimmery but not too shimmery. I'm a lover of compromise!

Application was a breeze. These polishes have a wide brush and a nice density; dries quickly but not too quickly. This line goes for about $2.30 on drugstore.com, and I've seen it even cheaper at walgreens. It definitely requires a sturdy topcoat, like any cheap drugstore nail polish, but it won't fail you if you take the time to reinforce with some OPI topcoat followed by some Seche Vite. Even though the color is a bit brash, it still goes nicely with most other colors (maybe not orange or yellow).

As for last week's "Spanish Moss" - it held up relatively well for being such a thin polish. I saw the first chips on day four, and some major peeling on day 5. I'd give it 7/10 stars for durability. Tune in next week for the durability of Violet Voltage!

Post submitted by Midweek Mani Maven Meade Haller