Day Two: NYFW'15 Adventures

My second day in New York City for New York Fashion Week was fun, busy, and full of beauty. Monday night, I had to crash at a different apartment than where I had left my belongings due to miscommunication and a lack of a key, so all of Tuesday morning was wasted trying to get my stuff back. I eventually (with permission), broke into the apartment my items were stranded in, collected them, and hoofed it back to NYFW fun. After a much-needed shower, I caught an Uber to Pier 59 Studios to see the stunning Michael Costello SS16 collection. 

I had my only celebrity sighting while at this runway. Paris Hilton walked right past me, and before I realized who she was, I thought, "Now that's a cute Wednesday Addams-inspired dress." I don't care about or for Paris Hilton at all, so when I figured out it was her, I laughed to myself. Apparently she and Costello are fairly close, and she texted him that morning to tell him she was flying in last minute for the show (according to one of the show's workers that Gina and I bumped into afterward). Costello's pieces were toned down significantly from his extravagant gowns in his SS15 collection, but I absolutely adored every piece. I have such a thing for capes and cape-shouldered dresses! The mustard yellow number was so stunning to see in person. The material floated beautifully as the model walked. Runway images courtesy of Bennet Cobliner

After the show, Gina and I hung out on the rooftop balcony at Pier 59. Either this area is new or I had no idea it existed last year. It's gorgeous and these strangely over-size lounge benches were perfect for some photographs. I'm pretty positive Gina is one of the most gorgeous women I've ever met, both inside and out. She was the sweetest this entire trip. I wouldn't have had so much fun if it weren't for her passion, kind spirit, and generosity. 

Gina invited me to attend a re-launching of a restaurant in the Gramercy Park area, and I couldn't say no because food, duh. It turns out that Darrow's Farm Fresh had more to offer than just bites to eat. The atmosphere is lovely, with large bistro-style windows that open during nice weather, and an array of freshly-pressed juices for you to savor. I tried the watermelon and coconut, and both were very refreshing. The cocktail menu also incorporates their juices, so I tried the "Darrow's Smash," which brought together the unlikely companions of rye whiskey, kale, pineapple, and basil for an incredibly tasty drink! Their sweet potato fries were more soft than crispy, and I loved them that way. Gina and I probably ate our weight in the avocado toast - crunchy crostinis with avocado, baby greens, pepitas, pickled onions, and local goat cheese. The quinoa and black bean burger was also delicious. We were visited at our table by Darrow's founder, Peter, and his personality was lively and welcoming. I always enjoy getting to know the owner of a spot I enjoy. If I connect with them, it makes me much more likely to return!

After dinner at Darrow's, I popped into a nearby Starbucks to rest my feet (even though I wore almost strictly flat shoes this trip, my tootsies were wailing), and spend just a last little bit of time with Gina. Soon I was in an Uber back home to Sarah's apartment, where we watched a bunch of silly YouTube videos and I finished an entire carton of Ben & Jerry's. See a food theme from this trip? Eat entire everythings. I'm a glutton. 

I'm off to try to run some errands while hobbling around. I got smacked down by a gnarly kidney infection yesterday, and am feeling better, but not 100%. If you've never had one, you're lucky. If you've had one, you understand the distinct and frustrating pain and fatigue that comes with it. In the past day alone I've finished two 64oz bottles of cranberry juice, so I'm hoping I'll recover quickly. Check back for my next post on NYFW, which will feature backstage access to the Raul Penaranda show, as well as peek at a NYC-based, woman-run luxury leather collection!