Mani Monday: Essie's Fashion Playground

It seems we're having a green streak here on the blog with our manis! I was feeling like something bright and cheery again, but still a color that helps with my silly little superstition about painting my nails green for financial help! I'm still unemployed, and although I've had a few interviews, I haven't received a job offer yet. I'm working part-time as a hostess and DJing as often as possible. I'm alive. But I miss my scheduled, strategy-based lifestyle. But I'm able to keep up with blogging, at least!

This color from Essie's Spring 2014 collection is "Fashion Playground," which I find very fitting for my little blog! I view fashion as fun, playful, and explorative. It doesn't have to be based solely on runways or designers. I feel like so many of my local bloggers babes embody this ideal - we're interested in the fashion world, but we maintain our own very unique sense of personal style.  

As true to most Essie polish applications, this color went on smoothly and evenly. It's hard to tell unless you look really closely in the first photo, but this green has little bitty tiny shimmer particles in it. I like this because it keeps it from looking too flat. At first I thought this was a super close dupe to Zoya's "Wednesday", but as blogger Coral & Mauve blogger Mirela points out in her gorgeous swatches, it's not all that close after all! I have "Wednesday" and am surprised that it has not been featured on Mani Monday yet! 

Unfortunately, I already sustained a chip on my right thumb only two days after applying "Fashion Playground," but I spent this weekend moving into a new apartment, so I'm not all that surprised. For next week, I picked up one of Essie's new fall colors! I can't wait to try it out. Stay tuned!

Polishes Used: 
Pistachio Green: Essie's Fashion Playground
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite