Mani Monday: ORLY Snowcone

Happy Monday! I have to say that I'm on a mini strugglebus today, and that's because my weekend was amazing, exhausting, exciting, and everything else. I played a number of really fun DJ gigs, hung out with lots of friends, played soccer, and more. Summer really can be the best, and my heart is so very full right now. 

Since I've been chugging along on a little cheery train lately, I wanted to put something pretty and bright on my nails, but not necessarily as "wham-pow" as last week's neon nail look. I poked around in my polish collection and spied this cutie. I haven't worn it in some time, and I know it's never been on the blog.

 In the bottle, ORLY's Snowcone reminds me of our gorgeous Midwestern skies on summer afternoons in late July. I specify that time because I spent 13 days abroad in Europe during the July of 2011. When I came home, I remember driving down a local highway, and being struck by how different the skies look here. We all see the same space above us, really, but something about the depth of the blue in Missouri's skies felt different than Italy's or Ireland's or England's. I'm not sure why. Anywho! This color reminds me of that feeling. I can be weirdly nostalgic sometimes! 

This formula applies on the heavier side. You can see the line near my cuticles where the layers of polish are pretty visible. I used two coats with Snowcone, and that's all you need. The polish is too thick for a third coat, and I'm afraid it would chip quickly. 

Do you have a nail polish color that reminds you of memories?

Polishes Used: 
Blue: ORLY Snowcone
Base and Top Coat: Seche Vite