Mani Monday: I Love Nail Polish's Mega (S)

I have already posted two of my I Love Nail Polish babies. Here is the final one! This is Mega (S), a gorgeous, flashy silver holographic polish. Mega (S) is kick-ass for multiple reasons. 

Aside from its brilliant appearance, Mega (S) applied very easily and has lasted four days without a single, minute chip. The edges on it are also quite pretty, as its formula was easy to clean up. I have learned, however, that I either need a desk lamp to do my polish under, or should start doing my polish during daylight. This mani looked PERFECT when I did it one evening last week, but as soon as I got it in the sun the next day, I could tell I hadn't cleaned it up as well as I could have. I'm sure you can't tell that well in these photographs. I'm just very picky!

Gah! Just look at that! So, so pretty. Something to note, as well: ILNP offers different versions of many of its polishes. For instance, Mega is available in four kinds: Mega: holographic, Mega L: smaller-particle holographic, Mega (S): largest particle holographic, and Mega (X): oversized particle holographic. Admittedly, to the untrained eye, they probably all look the same. I'm not sure I'd buy another because they look similar, however, Mega (X)'s particles are quite eye-catching because of their large size. 

What do you think? Is Mega (S) just a little too bling-bling for your fingertips?

Polishes Used:
Holographic Silver: ILNP's "Mega (S)"
Base & Top Coat: Seche Vite