What To Do Weds: Garbshare Open House

Saint Louis is proving to be a hot spot for startup companies. Local businesses are popping up right and left, and the support from STL is always pretty outstanding. It's even better when your friends are involved with a super creative, really exciting new venture. You can meet my friend and her cool company tomorrow - read on for more info!

My friend Kasper is an integral part of the new company Garbshare. It's a cloud closet app for your phone. Garbshare asks you, "But, what if the next time you were out shopping, your phone could tell you which clothing items would pair with those shoes you just have to have? What if it could warn you before buying the same or similar items to what you already own? " Isn't that a cool concept? It makes me think of Cher's closet in the movie Clueless! And I know you definitely have some friends that have sweet duds in their wardrobe that you'd love to request to borrow. Why not be able to do it on your phone?! 

Tomorrow evening, July 23rd, you can come by the Garbshare offices inside Industrious and meet the team, learn more about what they do, and mingle with some awesome people. I'll be there DJing and smiling like a fool 'cos y'all know I love clothes, and any phone app that will help me organize my insane closet makes me really excited! 

Find more information on the event here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1620392518245502/