Skincare Solutions with Lindi Skin

Having been plagued by breakouts my entire young adult life, I'm always seeking new products that will help address and treat my sensitive and blemish-prone skin. When I was approached to try out LINDI SKIN, I took a look at their company, and found that their products are actually created for cancer patients to help soothe the side effects caused by cancer treatments. I immediately knew I'd like to try some products from their company - if the products are aimed at being sensitive enough for cancer patients, they would probably help me as well! 

I received the Fight Back Pack, which includes a variety of samples from their most popular products. I introduced the face wash into my daily regimen by using it in the morning, and I liked that it did not feel oily or leave my face with a film or residue. I followed it up each morning with the citrus face serum, figuring that citrus would help wake my skin up a bit. I found that I particularly enjoyed the scent of the face moisturizer, which is funny because it sort of has a hippie-like hint, and I generally avoid all things patchouli and the like. But it was mild enough that I found it pleasant. At night, I began using the lavender face serum because I've heard that lavender has calming properties. I followed this up with the night cream I already had in rotation, Neutrogena's Hydro Boost. The body moisturizer lives in my car for dry-skin days, and I've kept the body wash in my cupboard to take along with me on the next trip I take. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the products. They did not irritate or bother my skin in any way, and after about two and a half weeks of using the products intermittently with my already existing skincare items, I started to notice a pretty big difference in my skin. My face no longer features constant blotchy red patches, and aside from a pretty benign zit appearing for a day and then vanishing, I haven't really suffered any notable breakouts. Before trying the LINDI SKIN items, I was already enjoying pretty happy skin, but I would still see a large and angry spot show up at least once a week. Since incorporating the LINDI SKIN products, I can honestly say that when a spot like that does appear, I'm surprised and only mildly frustrated because they're becoming so rare.

I still have a few bumps and my ever-present large pores, but I'm happy enough with my skin to do something I was pretty positive I'd never do - post totally naked-face selfies on the blog! All for your enjoyment and scrutiny. You can see my skin texture isn't perfect, and I'm a bit oily underneath it all, but otherwise, I look pretty good! I'm finally feeling pretty comfy in my own skin, and not afraid to show it off. I don't doubt that LINDI SKIN's products helped! If you have sensitive skin and are looking for some help, check them out:

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all mine.