Patio Party Perfect: Ruth's Chris in Clayton

Last week, I was invited to attend a happy hour at Ruth's Chris in Clayton. I have eaten at Ruth's Chris multiple times for dinner (gosh I love their steak, and appetizers, and huge red booths, and wine...), but I have never had the opportunity to enjoy their patio before dark. Situated in downtown Clayton, this patio is the perfect amount of city-chic meets county. 

Ruth's Chris' location makes it easy for just about everyone to access - I can just shoot west on Forest Park Parkway after work and arrive in no time. Coming from a highway? It's just a few blocks east of 170. Their happy hour specials are also quite alluring. You'll find cocktails, classic wines, and small plates to choose from all at a discounted rate for happy hour (4-6pm during the week). If there's one thing I can promise you bloggers love, it's drinking some darn good cocktails. I bet you can't tell at all. No way. Nope. 

I personally tried both the Cosmopolitan and the Rocks Rita. The Cosmo was right on point with just a teensy bit of bite to balance the sweet. I've learned rather recently that tequila is now one of my favorite things to drink, so it's obvious that I quite enjoyed the Rocks Rita. I also loved the mini cheesecakes enough to eat two. I'm pretty sure Elena of Cheetah Talk y Mas liked them too. 

Getting to hang out with friends is probably the best part about happy hour, only slightly a step up from all the fantastic boozy libations. Seeing all my blogger babes out in a casual atmosphere and not running around at a Saint Louis Fashion Week event was welcome! My special guest for the evening was my younger sister, Kelly. She was in town just briefly after her semester at Louisiana State University, and so I made sure to steal her away from our parents for the evening. 

I'm fairly sure my sis is one of the prettiest ladies on the planet. She also appreciates Cosmos like I do. We often go on thrift dates together when she's in town. We're a little different but also quite similar. For my outfit that day, I went with my usual mix of new and old. My hat is from Avalon Exchange, my dress is from local shop Black Sheep, my watch is from JORD, and my necklaces and shoes are from H&M. You might have noticed I've redyed my hair - I'm currently using Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise. It might look different than other examples of that color on hair because I just keep dying on top of existing color. Doing this kind of makes it a custom color!

With the great seating options (who doesn't love lounging on couches in evening summer air?), easy access to a pretty indoors bar, and good company, Ruth's Chris offers a little something for everyone when it comes to their happy hour patio. The staff was also very gracious, politely allowing us to mingle on the patio well past sunset. 

You'll definitely catch me back on the patio at Ruth's Chris soon enough. I have a certain few lady friends who have been hollerin' at me to meet up for a happy hour. As long as the weather cooperates, you'll find me sipping another Cosmo in the next week or two. Interesting in joining the fun? Head on over to the website to find more:
Find Ruth's Chris at this address: 
1 N Brentwood Blvd, Clayton, MO 63015
All photography by the talented and lovely Ashley Kuenstler, courtesy of the Midwest Influencer Network