Mani Monday: Custom Claws from Meero

Happy Monday! This Mani Monday features a pair of my custom claws by Meero Mani Nails! You may remember seeing some of MMN before. I did a collab with Marsha, the owner, in preparation for wedding season. She in turn made me this super ridiculously cool custom set for me! 

GUYS LOOK AT HOW COOL THEY ARE! These nails got so much attention when I wore them on Saturday at the ULTRA party! Marsha knows all my favorite things in the entire world - pizza, whiskey, Saint Louis, and my puppy! The image on the thumbnail in the bottom photograph is actually taken from this blog post from last year. How freaking nifty is that?! When you order your nail set, Marsha gives you instructions on how to measure your nail bed to ensure the nails fit well. Can you see how well they matched up with my fingertips in that first photo? So cool! Because they use sticky tabs, I rocked them all night long with no problems, and then easily removed them before bed. I can wear them again, too! I loved that the background on these nails was white, so they went so well with the theme for Saturday. For reference, here is the rest of my outfit: 

Listen up, y'all, this is as about the sassiest you've ever seen me. I'm wearing a leotard underneath that vintage/repurposed dress. That means my booty cheeks were hanging out. The horror!!! Well, not really, because they weren't on full display because of the dress. However, I felt flipping fabulous. Sometimes doing something totally outside of your comfort zone can somehow still make you feel comfortable anyway! Plus, I had my amazing nails to match! I did, however, learn that DJing in claws can be difficult - pressing some of the necessary buttons got a little hairy!

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