Mani Monday: Nude With a Little Flair

Happy Monday evening! Please accept my apologies on how late I've posted this Mani Monday! This weekend was wild, long, crazy, and fun. I'm so exhausted but I can't miss posting for you!

As my nails have grown longer, I start to feel torn about what colors to paint them. I don't want to start looking too trashy, if that makes sense. I was feeling a sort of Lana del Rey look, and her look can be very 1960s-inspired. You will often see her with either long red talons, or nude or neutral colors. I have always liked this Revlon polish, called "Bare Bones," for neutral looks. It's a little on the chalky side so it can be difficult to apply, but clean up is easy because it is a lighter color. 

I of course can't leave my nails plain and had to add a little flair. I picked up FingerPaints' "Such a Fake" at Sally Beauty on sale for super cheap. I've been wanting a few more sparkle coats to add to my collection, and I can't say no to a $2 price tag! I used three light coats of "Bare Bones" and two coats of "Such a Fake" for this pretty look. 

What do you think about these nude colors? I'm a little hesitant because I'm not entirely sold on how they look against my skin tone. What's your opinion?

Polishes Used:
Nude: Revlon's "Bare Bones"
Sparkle Top Coat: FingerPaints' "Such a Fake"
Base Coat and Top Coat: Seche Vite