Mani Monday: Holographic Disco Ball

Happy Monday, loves! Hopefully it's not too dreary for you. We've had some stormy weather here in the Lou. But fear not! I am pretty sure this mani could chase away whatever clouds are left. Because I was super excited to DJ at Siam this past Friday, I wanted to do something a little punchy with my nails for the evening. You know, something a little more eye-catching. I wasn't sure if Siam had any blacklights, but I thought I'd test my luck with wearing Julep's Dana as it is blacklight sensitive. Dana has quickly become one of my favorite polishes. It takes about three coats to become fully opaque, but it dries at a normal to fast rate. And because it is this blacklight sensitive formula, it is not a flat white. When worn by itself, it appears almost reflective, with a semi-blue sheen. I'm a pretty big fan now. After I finished applying Dana, however, I thought the look was just missing something. So of course, I threw a bunch of holographic glitter on top! 

In case you were curious, the above photo reflects what happens when I don't stay on top of applying my cuticle oil. Do you see how dry my cuticles are? Shame shame!

Although it was difficult to maneuver the little glitter flakes around, and I thus ended up getting some sticking off of my nails, I didn't really mind. I painted my nails with this look on Thursday night, and it is now Monday morning. I have very minimal chipping, and all the stray glitter pieces have since fallen off. Also, I did see a little bit of blacklight action at Siam, so it all worked out a-okay!

Would you wear a holographic glitter like this on your nails, or is it just a tad too much? 

Polishes Used: 
White: Julep's Dana
Loose Glitter: A Kiss Nails kit, c/o Kiss Nails