Vagabond Vibes on Laclede's Landing

Spring has definitely sprung in Saint Louis, and I've been trying to get out and enjoy the weather a bit more. Walking the dog, sitting on patios, and wandering around in new places. Okay, to be real, Laclede's Landing in downtown Saint Louis isn't "new" to me, as I used to frequent Mississippi Nights when it was open, but I don't get down there much anymore. But Laclede's Landing is perfect for wandering around in, and I love being able to see the trains pass by right in front of you. You could almost hop on one and vagabond the rest of your days away along the riverfront.

I headed down to Laclede's Landing recently to meet with tattoo artist Jake Bailey about a some new ink. Said new ink is actually on my arm as I type this, because I had my appointment last night! Look for pictures soon! I'd already had a busy day with brunch, and then tea, and generally running around. But I was lucky enough to successfully convince my lovely photographer Allan to meet me downtown for some snaps. I have a bad habit of forgetting to bring sunglasses everywhere, so this sun hat lives in my car for days like this. It was just a bit sunny, and I was carrying my sort of matching handbag.  

I was most definitely some type of vertically gifted creature in a former life, as I have a tendency to climb just about anything I can. For a couple years in college, I studied aerial arts, like trapeze and lyra, and my interest in getting off the ground hasn't really subsided. Good thing these amazing jeggings I found at Avalon Exchange are super stretchy, otherwise we might have had a wardrobe malfunction.

These boots are one of my most favorite thrifty finds EVER. They're in practically unworn condition, with fringe AND a metal toe cap. How fabulous are they?! They're wicked comfortable too, but I can tell that the leather is a little dry, so I'm going to oil 'em up sometime soon to keep them fresh.

Seeing as I don't hang around down here much, I had no clue that there was a Laclede's Landing Metro stop, and that it is housed on a crumbling yet gorgeous platform flanked by arches. Speaking of arches, the Gateway Arch is just a few blocks away, so taking photos down here might need to happen again to get some snaps of it in the background! Allan wanted to catch a train passing behind me, and I really LOVE the above black and white shot of it whizzing by.

Oh, glamour shots. This red brick is just so sexy, I had to flop all over it. I'm not gonna argue with how small my waist looks, though! I've been working hard at the gym, and have even come to a couple conclusions about goals to obtain with my exercise regimen, which you'll hear about soon.

Details! ALL of the accessories! I've been trying to wear bracelets more often. I have quite a collection, but because I sit at a computer Monday - Friday, they tend to be cumbersome. So on days that I don't have to be typing away at a keyboard, I've start piling them on up! The mantra bracelet on my right hand (left hand in the photo) is from local shop Karmik Korner. It's right across the street from The London Tea Room on Morganford, and I'll definitely be heading back there soon. It's full of crystals, hand-poured candles, jewelry, books, and more. 

Have you hung around down at Laclede's Landing? Is it a place you frequent?

Outfit Details:
Rings: Various Places/Etsy/eBay/Thrifted   |   Pants: Avalon Exchange 
Hat, Bag, Boots, Bracelets, Necklace: Thrifted   |   Sweater & Scarf: Heartland; Underdog