Mani Monday: Essie x Rebecca Minkoff

Happy Monday, darlings! I've had a long and exhausting weekends for various reasons, but I'm ready to show you some polish! Do you remember my post about Essie teaming up with Rebecca Minkoff to do a spring nail polish collection? I finally was able to see the colors in person last weekend while browsing around in Ulta

I spent a while staring at the colors before deciding to take home Petal Pushers. Described by Essie as a "refreshing cool rain slate with subtle red and blue undertones," I think it's absolutely perfect for our stormy April days. The only unfortunate thing is that I seem to have a number of polishes in this range of tone. Whoops! I suppose I'm drawn to that shade. 

The quality of the polish is just as you can expect with Essie, with easy application. I found the consistency to be a little on the thick side, however, and I think I heavy-handed it a bit. I believe that's why it chipped quite quickly on the edges, as you'll see in the above image. I'm not afraid to show you imperfect manis, how about that! I also did use the Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat instead of my beloved Seche Vite, just to continue testing it out. I do think that it doesn't bond as well to polishes, which makes them chip a bit faster. However... I used it on top of the Julep polish I'm wearing now (I always take my Mani Monday photos the week before), and it seems to be holding fast. Is that one of those crazy brand marketing things? The Julep topcoat works best/only works with other Julep polishes? Hm...

Have you had a chance to check out the other colors from Rebecca Minkoff's collection? 
Do you have any yourself?

Color: Essie x Rebecca Minkoff in Petal Pushers
ase Coat: Seche Vite   |   Top Coat: Julep's Freedom Polymer Topcoat