Mani Monday: Springy Pink - Julep in Ming

So... I have been holding on to my Julep subscription even though I recently said I was ready to quit. Why, you ask? Because each monthly box you receive/purchase earns you reward points, and you can eventually trade them in for a free box! So I definitely waited until I was able to redeem my points over the weekend for some free goodies, and I'm canceling my subscription today. Sorry, Julep, I'm breaking up with you. It's not you, it's me. I'm too picky for your nail polish. I'll be going back to an open relationship with Essie, OPI, Zoya, Sinful Colors, ORLY... 

However, I'll still review and post the last few polishes that I have received, of course! For instance, this actually very cute, very Easter and springtime-appropriate pink that arrived last month. This is Ming from Julep's It Girl collection. Because this is a jelly polish, it is quite sheer and took four coats to get to this level of coverage. It dried at an average rate, and I found the clean up around the cuticles quite easy. That's the nice thing about jellies! Their thin consistency makes it easy to make sure the edges of the polish on your nail are crisp while cleaning up. 

This color is quite girly for me, but I do think it's the perfect pink for spring. The formula on this polish was fairly strong, too. I didn't find major chips for some time. The only issue I had is that it started to pick up a bluish tinge from my hair! This last time I dyed my hair, I used a different brand mixed in with my usual Manic Panic, and I think it's more prone to bleeding on things (especially my DJ headphones, gr!!!).

Do you have a go-to polish for spring and Easter?

Polish Details
Pink: Julep in Ming
Base and Top Coat: Seche Vite