In the Studio with Amelia Freeman of ONE

Hiding above Orbit Pinball Lounge in Maplewood, with walls full of windows and its rooftop access, is ONE. One is something new, something different, and something definitely about to catch the interest of all those fashion-conscious in Saint Louis and beyond. 


Founded by Amelia Freeman just this past January, One is a unique and exciting take on how you source your key wardrobe pieces. Here's how One works: Each month, One releases (you guessed it) one item, which can be purchased through their website. Each item has a story and a character that goes with it, which is the reason behind the shop's tagline "One Piece. One Month. One Story." For instance, March's characters are Margot+Char, a "sister" set of a crop top and midi skirt. Inspired by the fabulous 1950s, this set is chic, and offers options. Char(lotte) is a lovely, modern crop top with an exposed back zipper, and is available in a variety of colors. The Margot midi is a knee-length full skirt that can be worn low or high on the waist. The sisters Margot and Char share story entries on the website throughout the month, and are fun, silly, and might even remind you of one of your close girl friends. 

Amelia shares the space used for her studio with her husband, Caleb, who runs a marketing firm. For a while, Amelia assisted Caleb with his business, but knew that she wanted to do more. By keeping her toes wet with small design projects on the side, Amelia found a way to keep utilizing her background in fashion merchandising. Now she runs her own small local team, with an expert seamstress to help her craft and finish the pieces for each month's release. Sourcing her fabrics from both international and national companies and working closely with each step of the creative project allows Amelia to keep her vision for One strong and clear. 

I do love being offered a beer upon arrival! We sipped some tasty Boulevard brews while chatting, and my photographer friend Allan took all these amazing photos. See that bright yellow fabric above? That's something new in the works for One. I was so excited to hear about the upcoming pieces that Amelia has planned, but of course, they're still a secret! I asked Amelia if she often wears her own work from One, but she says she needs to "work on that." Her favorite piece so far, however, was the Eloise cape. It debuted in as the kickoff piece in January, and I have to admit I wish I had been able to snap one up! It is too cute. 

Amelia was an absolute sweetheart and gifted me a Margot+Char set! I've already worn the Char top a few times because it's classic, boxy cut and fun texture is too perfect. I'm hoping to style the Margot midi this weekend - I have a bunch of events and I bet it will be a great fit for dressing up. I climbed out (more like fell out of the window) onto the rooftop that they have access to, and had a bit of fun showing off my new duds.


 Is this how you do cool jumping poses? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Many thanks to Amelia for allowing me to bop around in her studio for an afternoon, the fun, and inspiration! 

Photos: Allan Crain
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f you'd like to learn more about One, and visit Amelia herself, you're in luck! This Saturday from 10am - 2pm, One opens its doors to the public. Snap up a Margot+Char set yourself, view past looks, and find discounts on merchandise. Aaaand, you'll get a sneak peek about April's item! You gotta go! The address for One is 7401 Hazel Ave #A, Maplewood.