Tune Tuesday: Christine and the Queens

If my longtime obsession with the singer Yelle is any indication for my love of synthpop and French-tinged vocals, you would know that I would fall in love immediately with singer-songwriter-performance artist-creator Christine and the Queens. The stunning and chic Héloïse Letissier hails from Nantes, France, and describes her sound as "freakpop." Inspired by local drag queens (hence part of her performing name) and transvestites, Letissier finds her inspiration in the offbeat figures she meets. Her hit "Saint Claude" is dedicated to a post-party, wildly dancing young man she bumped into at a train station of the same name. 

The song I've latched onto is "Tilted." It's Christine and the Queens first single from their upcoming English EP, and I think it has become my current theme song. Just so you're not confused, "Tilted" is the English version of the musician's "Christine." The main line "I'm actually good/Can't help it if we're tilted" makes so much sense to me right now. I've been focusing on being more positive, and building this person that I am into what feels more like a fully realized version of myself. 2015 is my year, and I have to admit that I have faults. But I have to keep moving forward, staying fabulous, and not worrying about the negative,  just like Letissier sings, "I'm doing my face with magic marker/I'm in my right place/Don't be a downer."

I'm also a super fan of her dancing, and IDGAF attitude about performance. Especially the way the lyric video for "Tilted" is presented - her style and the way it is and edited vaguely reminds me of the prolific Laurie Anderson's concert-film "Home of the Brave." I also can't argue with a lady with sweet moves. Does anyone want to have a dance party at my place some time and learn the choreography from "Christine?"