Half-sleeve Finish-up with Lauren Busiere

Last week, I finally had the chance to pop into Ragtime Tattoo to see the magical mistress of ink, Lauren Busiere. We have been working on my half sleeve for just about a year, and I'm glad to be able to say that she (the main focus is a mermaid) is all finished up! My friend Miles Gaudet tagged along and also worked his own form of magic in the way of filming a video recap of the appointment! When she is all healed up, I'm sure I'll have some photos taken of her. 

I'm super stoked to call her finished and move on to another piece. My entire left arm is dedicated to family-oriented or inspired tattoos, and the next one will be no different. I love being able to represent things that are special to me in a permanent, visible way. I'm actually off to email Ms Lauren my reference ideas for the upcoming piece!

Thanks to Miles for this amazing little video! I have to say, I never knew what getting tattooed looked like in close-up and slow-motion. It's pretty nifty!

Do you have any ink? Are you obsessed with having art on your body like I am?