Makeup Monday: Mustaev Must-Haves

You might recall me mentioning meeting makeup guru Angela Wilson in my post about my backstage experience at Raul Penaranda’s show. Originally created in Korea, Mustaev is a makeup line that Angela represents and uses on a professional level, but the everyday consumer can also purchase the products from Mustaev’s website. Angela and I connected after the runway show, and she graciously gifted me a few of her favorite items, including one used on the models’ finished looks. 

The 10 Shade Lip Cream/Pro Palette was used on the models for Penaranda’s show, but Angela talked about how its range of colors makes it a perfect option for any makeup fanatic. You can apply the colors straight from the palette with the included brush (which is super soft and silky), or you can mix them together to create a custom shade. The white seems an interesting addition, but Angela assured me it comes in handy for making that perfect hue when combined with the other options. I’ve been using the bottom middle shade quite a bit - it’s the perfect “my lips but better” lippie for my skin, and if I mix it with the dark red right next to it, I come out with a great lush berry color! The Glazing Lip Gloss in “Golden Peach” has become a new staple of mine as well. I slap it on over my usual lip balm and it gives just the right finished touch to a basic face. I’ve also layered it on top of a dark nude shade and worn it out at night. My big lips already command a lot of attention, so a little sparkle can’t hurt!

The final item that Angela gifted me is their Tension Fit Liquid Liner. If you're a fan of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, you'll flip for this option. A self-filling brush tip with thin, pointed bristles, the Tension Fit liner really does get right up along my lashline with no trouble at all. It dried quickly and is easy to draw a cateye wing with. I've always LOVED the Kat Von D liner, but I've been on the hunt for a liner that looks more matte. This fits the bill, and lasts as long, if not longer, than the Tattoo Liner. This eyeliner can stick around for about 15 hours when used with a primer. Think I'm bluffing about how long it stays? Remember this post? Do you see the eyeliner I'm wearing? 

Photo by  Abby Gillardi

Photo by Abby Gillardi

That photograph was taken about 1pm on a Sunday. I applied it around 10pm on Saturday. I call this the "DJ makeup test." When you DJ, you're up all hours of the night, often dancing till you sweat, and sometimes you're just too dang tired to remove your makeup. And sometimes the day after you've been DJing all hours of the night, you need to get up and get moving really quickly. And when your makeup still looks passable, you just go with it. Now, I'm not recommending you do that! It's always best to cleanse your face each night, but c'mon, we're all human... accidents (ahem, sleeping face-down on the couch with the dog?) happen.

Although these items were graciously gifted to me by Mustaev, my opinions are all my own. I can say with certainty I will be re-ordering the liquid eyeliner as soon as mine runs out!