Tune Tuesday: A Tribe Called Red - "Sisters"

I'm always interested in searching for new music that not only is catchy and dance-able, but has a story or meaning behind it that grabs me. Some time ago, I stumbled across a series of videos asking Native American people to react to "One Word." The video I first watched actually used a name instead: "Christopher Columbus." There are so many things about so many cultures that I just don't know, or have never been exposed to. As a child, I devoured books on ancient civilizations, different lifestyles, and other peoples. I was just a white kid growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, eager to learn about everything else out there. Native American histories, cultures, peoples, and customs were truly fascinating to me, especially in terms of trying to wrap my tiny, uneducated brain around what happened to them when white men arrived. Now that I'm older, I understand more, to say the least. 

Growing up, my parents listened to ALL types of music, and I specifically recall listening to an album by the musician Douglas Spotted Eagle, who strangely turns out to not be of Native heritage at all. So, that's interesting... Anyway, he released a number of albums featuring his performances with Native American-style flute. I haven't listened to his work in a very long time, and after watching the "One Word" videos, I randomly decided to search for newer Native American music, and stumbled across A Tribe Called Red

Comprised of DJs and producers, A Tribe Called Red hails from Ottawa, and mixes pow-wow vocals and drum beats with contemporary dance and EDM vibes. They started up a wild party night called Electric Pow Wow in Ottawa, which showcases native and aboriginal artists. Earlier this year, they released a new EP. I've been listening particularly to their song "Sisters," and I love the beat and vocals. It's right up my current music interest alley!

Peep the video for "Sisters" above and let me know if it had you dancing a bit too!