Mani Monday: Happy Natural Nails!

You almost never see me with my nails unpolished, and that's for a few different reasons. I like to think of my nails as accessories, so keeping them polished makes me feel like my look is complete. My nails can also be brittle sometimes, so having a lacquer on top helps reinforce them. However, sometime I just like to let them breathe a bit, and give them time to recover. When they're bare, I try to keep them in tip top shape, looking pristine and pretty. This can be hard to do without the right tools!

Enter the Emjoi Micro-Nail Nail Polisher. This is sort of a sister device to the Emjoi Micro-Pedi I posted about earlier this year. Whereas the Micro-Pedi is for your tootsies, the Micro-Nail is for polishing your fingernails. The device is just the right size for my small hands, and has a rotating buffer on the tip. It comes with a gray buffing roller pre-installed, which helps smooth your nails. You can then switch out the rollers for the white one, which gives your nails a sparkly high shine in just several seconds.

I tried out my device the other day after I removed last week’s nail polish. I used both the buffing and shining rollers, and felt that they both did their jobs really well! The buffing one was also nice for just slightly buffing away any pesky overgrown cuticles hanging around. The shining one made my nails look extra spiffy, and makes me feel confident that although they’re left naked, they still look very well cared for. I would have to say the only slightly negative downside is that the buffer does produce dust as it buffs away the ridges on your nails. I would recommend you do this over a towel, or perhaps above your sink, so you can easily wash or clean away the dust.

I’m going to use my Micro-Nail once more just before painting my nails in the next day or so, because it claims to help your polish grip to your nail bed better. I’ll report back on that! For more information on the Micro-Pedi, please visit Emjoi's website.

I hope your holidays are going well so far, and I am looking forward to sharing updates with you soon about how mine are!

Although this product was provided to me as a trial sample, the opinions are my own. I would never yap about a product on my blog that I did not support or feel would be of interest to my readers.