Mani Monday: Wedding Style with Meade!

Today's Mani Monday is a special one! It's a bit of a throwback, but is standing in for my usual post on Mondays. Last week, my nails took a super beating and two are broken into short little nubs. I want to let them grow a bit before I resume my usual posts. Luckily, Meade has a really neat post for you - all the way from Cancun, Mexico! Read on, my loves!

This week my best friend since 7th grade gets married! In Cancun, Mexico! I've never been to Mexico before -- in fact, I've never been outside the United States before -- so this has been one great big adventure! Albana was the maid of honor at my wedding two years ago, and now it's her turn. She is a very fashionable lady and whenever we hang out it always begs the question "whatever shall I wear!" This week's mani is a wedding themed post coming to you from the Moon Palace Resort on the beautiful shores of the Gulf Coast. For Albana's wedding I've chosen a silvery white shade to complement the shimmery white sand - "Silver Orchid" #140 from Covergirl 3-in-1 collection. Let's review this polish, shall we?

Color Appeal: This is a very nice color for any formal event. It is understated in that it isn't bright and ostentatious, but it is also vibrant because of the shimmer and shine. I will definitely be using this color again. 8/10

Application: This line has a nice texture for application, but this particular polish is more of a topcoat with shimmer in it, so if you want true opacity you're looking at putting on at least three, if not four coats. While this is a bit of a pain, it does come out looking very elegant. Again, I would also prefer a wide brush rather than the skinny brush that comes with this bottle. 6/10.

Durability: This line of polishes has average durability. I've established this in the past and thankfully because of this, I knew that I would get my nails looking their best if I did them the day before the ceremony. They will probably chip within a few days of flying home to Houston, but they will look very nice up until then. 7/10. 

Affordability/Availability: This line has been discontinued, so availability is limited. However, I did find a few bottles available on amazon for around $10. I think this is pretty reasonable for being a 10mL bottle. My advice would be that if you're looking for a silvery white then this is your match; otherwise this line is a bit overpriced because it isn't being made anymore. 6/10.

Well, the ceremony is in T-5 hours so it's time to grab some breakfast and start prepping! Do you have a polish you save for special occasions? Let us know in the comments!