Midweek Mani: OPI's I'd Like To Thank...

This week's color is an OPI with a pinkish coppery tone that appeals to me as a regular day-to-day color. The name of the polish is "I'd Like To Thank..." which I assume is meant to evoke red carpet events. Let's review the four categories of consideration for this polish.

Color appeal: The good news is this polish goes on the same color as it looks in the bottle. The bad news is that the color isn't all that spectacular. It's a dark brownish & pinkish shimmery color that comes off to me as a bit coppery. While a nice color, it doesn't especially pop or make me want to stare at my nails intermittently throughout the day. One cool thing is that if you look really closely, you can see that the sparkles in the polish are actually green. I found this color to be very similar to the other OPI polish I reviewed recently called "Limited" which was more of a burnt orange with white sparkles. 5/10.

Application: While OPI generally does a good job making polishes that take only two coats to be truly opaque, this particular shade was exceptionally thin and actually required *four* coats. If you include the base and two top coats that I always apply, that makes *seven* coats for this manicure. It definitely seemed like an excessive amount of effort to reach opacity. Although this was a major drawback, OPI always comes through with the high quality, wide application brush. Overall application score is 6/10.

Durability: OPI is always exceptionally durable, hence the title "lacquer". I'm on day four and not a chip in sight. To be fair I would only give a polish ten points out of ten for durability if it lasts a full seven days chip free. We haven't gotten there yet but my history of OPI is usually five to six days so for now we'll say 9/10. 

Affordability / Availability: OPI is available almost anywhere, but tends to be somewhat expensive (about $8 average) so most OPI polishes will get 8/10 from me for affordability and availability.

Do you have a favorite OPI polish? Let us know in the comments!

* Comment from Jill: This polish looks like a pretty close, affordable dupe to my Marc Jacobs' Enamored polish! Here's a great throwback post from last year, when I didn't know how to cleanup my cuticles or keep them moisturized, apparently.