Behind the Scenes: The Big Chop

You might have noticed in a few previous posts that my hair has changed. Quite a lot, I might add! Way back in the spring, I booked a DJ gig for Saturday, October 31st. I was thrilled to find out that it was indeed Halloween-themed, and this gave me the opportunity to go all-out with a costume. I was in a deep hole of 1980s music videos on YouTube one day, and I happened across The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams," which has been a long-time favorite song of mine. I spent a good long time staring at Annie Lennox's perfect face and suddenly it hit me - it was time for another big hair change! I ran the idea past my darling stylist Stephanie Mattina of Nova Salon, and we whipped up the plans. 

However, instead of going straight to the fabulous orange crop that Annie Lennox rocked, I decided to make a pit stop halfway there. I booked a gig for October 30th as well, so I realized I had a chance to do two costumes. My favorite movie to come out recently has been Mad Max: Fury Road, so it just made sense - keep my natural hair short and be Imperator Furiosa! So before my gig on October 30th, I headed into the salon and took the dive. I won't lie and say I wasn't nervous. Stephanie treated me to a glass of wine and I held onto that thing like it was a life raft and almost chickened out once or twice while waiting for her to begin.

To be totally honest, I was scared to death! I know my head is tiny, which you can't argue with me over - my hat size is 6 3/4! Also, I hadn't seen my actual natural hair color in over a year, and even in 2014 it was dyed to best match my natural hair color. When Stephanie mentioned during the appointment that we were seeing "virgin hair," I had to giggle, not just for the term itself, but for the fact that I haven't seen my honest-to-goodness all natural hair in forever!

I do have to say that I miss being able to curl my hair, but I do NOT miss having to style my hair, or blow dry it, or worry about it on rainy days. Good riddance to hair ties! The only trouble is keeping the crown of my head under control. In the photo above of the new hair, you can see that the very tip-top of my head stands straight up. Stephanie told me I'd have to "train it" to not be flying around all willy-nilly constantly. And for fun, here are some shots of my hair in Halloween costumed action!

Thanks to my friend Kate for putting up with my antics and still hanging out with me. And thanks again to my amazing stylist Stephanie for making me look so good! The change has been so much fun, and I actually think it makes my face look better. There's no hair to distract you! But that also means I gotta keep up with my skincare routine. I've been trying a new product suggested by my friend Olivia, and it seems to be helping a lot. 

Eclipse Restaurant photos by Domenique Nicole Photography
All others by Justin Barr