Mani Monday: OPI's Autumnal "Limited"

After a long week of working two jobs, I barely had time to sleep, let alone time to paint my nails. Meade comes to the rescue again with a lovely fall-oriented manicure for your delight! She says:

In Houston you can feel the autumn breeze breaking through the summer heat. It's glorious! This week I decided to choose a color that is an ode to autumn. OPI Designer Series #032 "Limited" is a burnt orange color with white and silver sparkling undertones. It is definitely the pumpkin spice of nail polishes! Let's review the four categories for this polish.

Durability: OPI is always a go-to brand for durability. Manicurists everywhere stock their shelves with OPI because they know that even with a basic mani, their customers won't be coming back in two days complaining about chips. That being said, it still definitely needs one if not two top coats to last through the whole week looking divine. 9/10.

Color Appeal: This particular color is pretty unique. I would say that you definitely need to be feeling the autumn vibe if you're going to rock a burnt orange on your nails, but that being said, if you're in the mood for it, it won't let you down. And the sparkles are really, really sparkly! 8/10

Application: Application is perfect. OPI knows how to make an easy-on formula that won't let you down, and they've built an empire out of it. It goes on smooth, has rich color even in tones that look more like sparkling top coats than color coats, the brush is thick and firm, and of course it sets like a lacquer. 10/10.

Affordability: OPI in general usually goes for about $8/15mL. Personally I find this a bit pricey if you're like me and would rather have many colors and not so much volume per color, but the quality makes up for it quite a bit. I think you can definitely find cheaper polishes that are equally good quality but you would have to do some digging. OPI is available pretty much everywhere. That being said, this particular color and line ("Designer Series") appears to be out of production, so shopping for them on re-sale sites like eBay may show you a bit of a price hike. 6/10.

What's your favorite OPI color or series? Let us know in the comments!