Mani Monday: Silly Spider Accent Nail

All right, loves. I took one for the team. I am no good at nail art (yet?). I don't do it very often, and I probably just don't have the right tools. However, I tried to do a fun accent nail for Halloween this year! My little spider looks awfully wonky, but at least you can tell what it is! I did spidey's body, head, and eyes with a dotting tool, and attempted to paint its legs on with a skinny brush. I think I need an even skinnier brush for next time, though!

I was over at my parents' house last night for dinner and painting my mom's nails. She asked for a "Halloweeny" color, so I picked this up while at Target yesterday because I don't have any colors good for this holiday that aren't in your face orange. My mom likes more neutral and classy colors. When I saw this Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in "Long Shot," I knew it'd be perfect for my mom's taste. It's warm, rich, and very autumnal. 

"Long Shot" is just about as pumpkin-y a color as they come. It reminds me of fall decorations, and I know I'll be using it again during Thanksgiving-time! The quality of the polish is a little debatable, in my opinion. It is a thick formula, and one coat (applied carefully) is about 90% fully opaque. Because it is so thick, I had a hard time lining up the edges near my cuticles, and I can already see some slight wear along the tips of my nails. I just adore the color so much that I know I'll wear it again, even though I'm betting I'll have a chip within three days. For this week, that will work out just fine because none of my three Halloween costumes call for orange nails with a spidey on them. I wonder how much of a difference using the suggested Gel Envy Top Coat would make. Y'all know I swear by my Seche Vite and never stray from it! 

Polishes Used: 
Pumpkin Orange: Revlon's "Long Shot"
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite