On Taking Time For Myself As Winter Ends

This winter has felt especially cold, in more ways than just the temperature. I've struggled with finances, staying on task, and having direction. I've let responsibilities fall by the wayside, and I've had a difficult time picking them back up. I've become stagnant, content to sit on the couch and watch Netflix all night. See, binge-watching Netflix is totally fine, but you need to balance that out with accomplishing necessary tasks as well. I haven't been so great at the balancing act. 

I relish these cold and snowy days, even though I do long for spring. I wish for the renewal it brings and the sense of turning over a new leaf, which is a obvious matter as the leaves truly are new. I adore these long nights with tea at midnight, cocktails by fires, and loads of scarves. But I desire the long days that inspire me to work harder. I need the daylight. I need the sunshine to push me to stay motivated and productive.

Consider this my mini, abstract manifesto. That I will move forward and not look back. Forgive myself for what I have let fall into the darkness during these winter months. I will spend more time on Sundays sleeping in, cuddling with my pup, reading my 1896-dated copy of Washington Irving's The Sketch Book, listening to my thrifted vinyl, and drinking Irish Breakfast Tea.