Mani Monday: Zoya Satin Polish in Ana

If you've been following my Mani Monday posts for a little while, you'll know that I'm a fan of


nail polish. I recently saw their new Naturel Satin line at my local Ulta, and decided to pick up a couple shades to check it out. The concept is that this is a polish that is left without a top coat, and it is, according to Zoya's site, a "hybrid between matte and glossy polishes." 

This is the color Ana. It's a cool toned, pink-leaning nude polish. Because it is meant to be worn without a topcoat to give off that satin feel, it applies very heavily. The consistency wasn't bad, per se, but I felt that it was harder to handle than a normal Zoya, or even one of my Zoya Pixiedust shades. I think I used a total of three coats on this polish, mostly because it was hard to manipulate once you plopped your brush down onto your nail. I struggled with the application because if I used light coats, it became super streaky, and I wasn't about to leave it without a topcoat. That's why I swear by the Seche Vite top coat. Just by applying it over a color, it smooths out bumps and streaks because it penetrates the actual polish rather than sitting on top. 

I do enjoy the color a lot, and I think it would be quite popular amongst ladies who like to keep their nails feminine and understated, especially those whose jobs might require a neutral nail color to be worn. I could even see this being used as a bridal mani, if you opt to do your own. It's just the right amount of "put together-ness" without being too obvious.

I realize that because I used a top coat, I can't *properly* impart the texture that this polish is supposed to have. I also picked up the satin color Tove, and so when I use that next, I'll leave it without a top coat at first to take pictures that way. Also, I'm not gonna lie, aside from the super gorgeous color, I grabbed Tove because of its relation to the singer Tove Lo. Hashtag music nerd.

What do you think of these polishes that are intended to be worn without a protective top coat?

Nude: Zoya Naturel Satin in Ana
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite