NYFW Favorites: J. Crew FW15

As the show pictures come pouring in, I can barely stay away from runway recaps. They are all so dazzling and really make me reminisce on my very first NYFW trip in September. I've already started a piggy bank to save for traveling back this fall. Yes, I have a piggy bank. It's cute, and actually sort of effective. I'd guestimate that when I empty it about once a year I get $50 from it! 

I've never been explicitly drawn to J. Crew's clothing, but this women's collection definitely caught my eye. The rainbow dazzling paillette appliques, the tassels on the pumps, the huge fur elements, the stripes, the Fair Isle print references, the yellows, the reds, the blues, the wines. I love it all. The two ladies on the bottom are especially up my alley. You know I love pants. I'm digging the cropped lengths with the pointy pumps (my favorite shoe shape!), and the cool-girl chic feeling. "Oh, nevermind me, just looking totally put together in my blazer and button down." Man, I need more blazers and button downs in my life. So effortless and classic!

Let's talk about the handsome lads also showcasing J. Crew's looks.

Goodness gracious I love slim pants on men, especially when they're tapered down to a sleek pair of boots. And that large quilted puffer jacket? What a great color. The boots on the two fellows on the top right and bottom right also caught my eye. I would love a pair of those. I think, in fact, they're currently available for men on the J. Crew website. It seems that jackets for men this fall and winter will either be short and above-hip length, or long and knee-skimming, which is a departure from the length of a typical men's peacoat. 

I've been thinking about starting to be better about my money when it comes to buying clothes. I know, I know, I say that all the time, but really... Instead of buying a bunch of cheapie clothes, I want to start investing in my wardrobe, and buy key pieces I can mix and match all the time. Like button-downs, blazers, basic dresses, etc. I'm ready. And J. Crew might just be a good place to start. 

Have you been following NYFW in your own way?