Dramatic Drapes 'n Capes: Loris Azzaro

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most "up to date" with designers and all that the fashion world holds. I'm still learning, and still new. I realized that I had become a member of the GPS Radar community this past NYFW season while attending shows. Fashion GPS is a tool that helps connect all levels of fashion industry-related persons to one another. A blogger uses GPS Radar to keep track of all of the shows that they have been invited to, control their RSVPs, and view images of shows almost immediately after they finish. It's a great mine of information, and I'd like to start utilizing it more. My first step? Start browsing the shows that are happening currently!

The first show recap that caught my eye was Loris Azarro's SS15 collection. Varying in shades from dark navy and moody blacks to neutral creams and two electric colors, the show clearly drew inspiration from the cape trend running rampant in the fashion world. Whereas many of the capes we've seen have been short, Azarro's looks ran long with some mimicking wedding dress trains.

I'm really digging the overly dramatic length and drapes here. I definitely need to find a way to work a cape into my everyday wear. I'm really just not into dresses, but I'm thinking I might need to DIY a cheapie thrifted dress into one with a cape. As you're probably well aware, I'm not the biggest fan of dresses because I feel boring wearing just one thing at a time. But, with a dramatic dress, I might feel more comfortable. 

I know the majority of women who decide to get married wear white dresses. To me, most of those dresses look strikingly alike. Although the above left is a little too see-through up top, I'm totally digging the wrapped front on the pants and the giant cape, which could totally replace a train on a wedding dress. How dramatic would that make your entrance into your ceremony?!

What do you think of the drama-rich and relatively dark colors from this collection? If you'd like to watch the full runway presentation, follow this link: http://vimeo.com/118324635. I'd recommend it - the venue is pretty and the music selection was on point. 

Images courtesy of GPS Radar