Cash + Carry Recap & Find #1: Kat's Closet

A few Saturdays ago, I attended a Black Friday-esque shopping adventure that got my heart racing and made my wallet slightly terrified. I escaped with quite a few goodies, and surprisingly, not in a ton of debt!

Cash + Carry was a two-day event held in the generally empty retail space directly across from the Galleria mall (During fall, it operates as a Halloween store.).

With a huge number of local boutiques offering a massive discount on their goods, it's amazing I didn't walk out spending more than I did. I happened across darling Lindsay from Heartland Underdog, who told me that a friend of hers had already spent $400! The above photo I snapped is of the corner where Marta's was offering a $10 sale. Yo, that's a good deal. I snapped up a few things I've been wanting to add to my wardrobe - black crop tops, and a black blazer. $10 for each is about as good a deal as you will find anywhere! I wore one of the crop tops out immediately that night. I'm still on the fence about baring a bunch of skin just yet, but I am trying to stop caring so much. 

My friend Lara came with me, and although she was a good girl and did not drop a bunch of cash, she did partake of the complimentary bar. Who can say no to Pinnacle Vodka?! We want to thank Christopher and Jen of The Clover for so kindly donating tickets to us so that we could attend and have so much fun! We visited with Brittany, aka DJ TrashTalk, who blogs as well over at Lace&Dagger. Other blogger babes that we bumped into throughout the night include Laura of
Weird Cult(ure), Angie of Honey & Denim, Jennifer ofThe Pink Snob, Elena of Cheetah Talk & Mas, Marisa of Vogue Rhythm, and Sarah Stallmann of The Wicked Wallflower. Below you'll see me with my giant bag of goodies, and (from left): Jennifer, Marisa, Elena, and Angie. 

Aside from my $10 deals from Marta's, I also snapped up a few items at the booth run by Kat's Closet Boutique. I was eyeballing a grey poncho for a bit, and then another shopper stopped and petted it for a few minutes before walking away... and you know I grabbed it! I felt a little guilty because she came back for it later, but it was mine! I'm wearing it as I finish writing this blog post, as a matter of fact. I also found a lovely, super soft black tunic that I knew was perfect for me. I have so many pairs of colored shimmery leggings/disco pants/etc that I want to wear more often, but I don't necessarily want to be walking around with my booty hanging out. I wore it the first day back at work after the weekend, actually, with some leggings from Forever 21 (only the coral color is left, unfortunately), a kimono from maurices, and my Vogue Footwear Voodoo Baby booties.

It was windy and super cold this day, so I hopped outside just to take some super quick photos. This is me awkwardly propping up my phone on a lounge chair on the deck... Luckily, my darling coworker Ciara has agreed to start helping me take some photos on the deck on nicer days. She's a sweetheart, and she already braved the snowy weather today to help me snap some shots. And to be totally vain, I can tell in these photographs that my hard work at the gym is beginning to pay off. I'll always have curvier thighs because I just have an athletic lower body, but I'm able to see that they're slimming down a bit! Whoo hoo! I've got a few more months before shorts weather, and I'm grateful for that. There is still a lot of work to be done toning up this bod!

Did you make it to Cash + Carry too? What did you find?!

This post was in part sponsored by The Clover as they did graciously gift me the tickets to the event. Check them out on their Facebook HERE and their website HERE to show them some love.