Weekday Workflow: Black and Burgundy

Yesterday, we had a photographer come in to take our headshots at work. Now, I suppose you would think, "Oh, that means professional-type garb." If you haven't learned by now, I'm pretty bad at having all of the normal, essential wardrobe items in my closet. At any rate, I knew that a plain, solid-color canvas would look best for a headshot, especially with my wild hair. I opted to wear all-black, with just a teeny bit of color on my feet.

These pretty burgundy pumps are from vegan boutique Lookie Lou. I met the ladies of Lookie Lou at the VIP Blogger Lounge back in the fall, and while there I entered into an Instagram contest that they were running. Turns out I won a gift certificate to their website! I spent hours trying to decide what to use my certificate on, and ended up settling on these cuties. You know, I didn't even notice that the shoe's description on the website says "smells delightful." When I opened the box for the first time, I was gently smacked in the face with a candy smell. Who knew that shoes could be scented?! It reminds me of having scented pencil erasers in grade school! I'm quite scent-sensitive, so I notice the smell throughout the day, but it wasn't bothersome necessarily. The actual shape of the shoe is perfect - I love the toe, and the way the heel tilts my foot forward. They're easy to walk in, and did you spy the adorable bow decoration on the back?! These pumps are all class and sass.

Lookie Lou has a wide array of options for those interested in vegan options when it comes to their wardrobe. I've been eyeballing the faux-fur vests and some of the beautiful handbags!

I hope your week has gone well so far! Onward to hump day!