NYE Mani!

NYE manicures always are a little tough for me. Everything usually revolves around sparkles, silver, and gold. That's what I did last year, too. This year, I wanted to sort of acknowledge that typical color palette but also do something just a little different. I received Janae in my December Julep box, and decided it might be just a departure enough to use because it is a charcoal, not black. 

But of course I can't leave it all boring-like! My lovely friend De gifted me these fabulous gigantic nail gemstones, so I wanted to utilize them. So I went with gold, silver, and charcoal! Unfortunately, the big gems popped off in under 12 hours (I painted these on New Year's Eve Eve), so I just slapped some gold sparkle on top of the silver and it came out all right. 

Charcoal - Julep's Janae
SIlver - Zoya's Seraphina
Faux Pearls: c/o Kiss Nails 
Gemstones: Gift (Originally from Claire's)