What's on My Face, October Edition

Hello, my lovelies!

Let's talk a little bit about the biggest organ you're toting around with you every day. It's your skin! It can be hard to take care of, especially on the sensitive region of your face. As people with easily-irritated skin know, it can be a constant struggle to keep your face in tip-top shape. Read on to find out what products I really put to good use in October!

So, I totally fell victim to the "stop using chemicals on your face" a couple years back, and have been mostly using natural and organic products. I'm a pretty big fan of the Say Yes To --- company, and had been using their products for probably exactly two years until I started to feel like nothing was improving anymore. That's when I switched to Avalon Organics' Vitamin C moisturizers. I love that they smell kind of like I'm rubbing orange juice on my face. The renewal cream is awesome because it applies fairly matte to my face, and the oil-free moisturizer doesn't feel heavy when I apply it in the mornings.

If y'all have seen any pictures of me, you know I've got some nicely sized smackers. My lips can be really picky about certain products, and I often find that they dry out. I started using the fabulips sugar lip scrub from bliss a few months ago and love it. I use it at night, or before showers. The nice thing about it is that the natural oils in the product leave my lips feeling moisturized, and not like the scrub stripped them down.

I was recently asked if I'd like to try out a few Garnier products, and I jumped at the chance. Now, I'd like to have a Pinocchio moment and say that after these products arrived in the mail, I feel like a real blogger now! I was expecting samples, but I received the full-sized products. I opened the box and started shrieking like a kiddo on Christmas morning.

The products I received are all doozies and are working very well for me! I've been battling with recurring, small breakouts and was actually starting to get incredibly frustrated. Then this Blackhead eliminating charcoal-infused face scrub came into my life, and things are really looking up! It's supposed to drastically reduce the size of blackheads and helps prevent further breakouts. My first use left me happy because my face felt very fresh and squeaky clean, and after the second use, I honestly noticed a big difference in the blackheads on my nose, and that's where they are the worst! I'm very pleased. The Nourishing Cleansing Oil is a gentle cleaning product, formulated especially for those with dry skin. Here's the kicker - Garnier knew what they were doing sending me the scrub and the oil together. The salicylic acid in the scrub can be drying on my T-Zone, so I'm glad the oil came in my package too to help restore hydration. Whereas the scrub smells sort of chemical-ly, the oil smells really fresh and vaguely fruity. What works best for me with the cleansing oil is to squirt 2-3 drops onto a pre-moistened cleansing towelette (I use the Say Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes) and use that to remove my makeup before cleansing. 

Above you'll see close-ups of the charcoal scrub and the third product I received, the 5 Sec Blur Skin Smoother. The skin smoother works best for me as a makeup primer. Personally, I do see a bit of a diminishing in pore visibility, but what I like best is that it makes a great prep for a makeup canvas. I noticed that applying my foundation with my fingertips was easier. I didn't feel like I was pushing my makeup around as much without getting anywhere. So, I guess that it does do a sufficient job on the smoothing front!

Two other products I'm currently loving are two that I've purchased myself in the last month. Everyone's out getting those Clarisonic Mia brushes, but I really just can't afford to shell out all that cash. I spied the Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System in my local Walgreens, I figured I'd give it a shot (Not only was the system on sale, I had a coupon for a beauty product with my loyalty card!). I was so excited to see results that I started using the bush about three times a week. However, I'd forgotten that often people see an increase in breakouts/general skin ickiness during early usage of the brushes. It's all that nasty stuff hiding beneath your skin's surface being brought out! I immediately went into extreme breakout mode, so I've since reduced my use of the brush to only 1-2 times a week, in addition to the new Garnier products. Aside from the instant breakout issue, I love that I can tell that the brush really busts out any makeup on my face. I was also in need of a new eye care product, so I spotted this Eye Awakening Cream rollerball from Olay, I snatched it up. I prefer the rollerball types so that I don't have to introduce potential bacteria from my fingertips.  The rollerball applicators feel like they really help perk up my under-eye circles. 

What products are you loving right now? Do you use any of the ones I'm loving? I'd love to hear!

*** The Garnier products were sent to me to try and review, however all opinions are honest and my own. All other products mentioned were purchased by me.