Little Leopard Overcoat

You know that I like to go thrifting, right? You probably do, too, if you read my blog regularly! 

Have you ever had one of those finds that you just KNEW you needed to have, because it would finally complete an outfit you'd been dreaming out for a long time? This little leopard overcoat that I found was that piece! 

You see, this black slip dress was also thrifted, but I've had it for years. Seriously, years. Because it's slightly, er, sexy, I have never felt like I would feel comfortable wearing it by itself. It just needed a little something else. When I spotted this leopard overcoat, I knew it was that "something else." Lo and behold, it's also the perfect length. How ever did I get so lucky?!

The pumps are also from a thrift store. I am not personally a fan of patent leather. But these pumps are just the right amount of inbetween matte and patent. They're also a great heel height for working!

Do you have any slip dresses that you dress up? Or do you mostly keep them confined to your home and bedroom? 

Photography by Miles Gaudet.

Outfit Details: 
Slip Dress: Thrifted, ages ago
Leopard Overcoat: Value Village Fenton
Necklace: Thrifted, ages ago
Earrings: Leopard Boutique (old)