Outfit Inspirations for NYFW SS15

NYFW ss15
It's no secret that I'm traveling to New York City in just over a week!

I couldn't be more excited to be experiencing my very first New York Fashion Week. I'll be traveling with/hanging out with/being just general badasses with other fellow blogger babes from Saint Louis. It has been joked already that this will be part fashion week trip/party girls' trip. Whatever happens, it's going to be amazing!

I've been feeling wildly inspired by this opportunity to play more with my style choices. Since I've been working retail full-time, it can be hard to truly focus on what my TRUE, REAL personal style is. I don't think I've realized it in full. But, if planning for NYFW has taught me anything, it might just be that I don't have a style that can fit in a box. I love anything and everything. One day I might want to be witchy, the next preppy, the next hippie. I can never make any styles guarantees other than it is always fun! My outfits are almost 90% laid out and ready to go (I've even started packing my suitcase!), so the images above are a good peep into what my wardrobe may look like while there. I can't wait to share all of my looks with you!!!

I've already received more invitations to shows than I could have possibly hoped for! A few of the shows are on days that I cannot attend because I am not flying in until Monday afternoon. However, there will be plenty more for me to see. I am so stoked! 

Keep an eye on the blog for an upcoming outfit post, and more in-depth pre-NYFW coverage!