Work Style: Printed Blouse & Destructed Jeans

Today was hot. It's still actually pretty warm at 11:00pm. In Saint Louis, many people are participating in World Naked Bike Ride, and I bet it was a sweaty one.

So what do you do when you want to wear your jeans to work but it's over 90 degrees outside? You roll those puppies up, wear a lightweight blouse, slap on your favorite basic pumps, and prance out the door. 


I even left my lanyard on for full "work style" effectiveness. I didn't have anyone to help take photos, so I had to venture into the back parking lot on my break, and prop my phone on top of two empty shoe boxes I found in the trunk of my car. I'm professional like that (when I don't have Miles around, of course). Goodness gracious, my hair really needs some help, too. I was hoping to let it do its own little ombre thing but I don't think I can stand it anymore! You might be seeing a new haircolor in the next couple weeks...

Outfit Details:
Blouse, Tank Top, Jeans, Pumps, Necklace, Bracelet: maurices