Fourth of July Manicure!

Hey, lovelies!
You all probably have learned of my affinity for nail polish. I have quite a collection now... thanks to my own inability to say no when I see a new color, and friends who indulge me. 

I actually like to pretend that my nails are an accessory. A lot of times I coordinate my polish color to an outfit or an event that's coming up. Unfortunately, I don't have any previous examples of this because a lot of times when I've had my photographer around, or pictures taken of outfits, my nails have been bare. I was giving them some breathing time for quite a while. After I had a set of acrylic nails done in January for the night that Nail Swag was in town at the Pulitzer's Reset program, they were so unhealthy.

They seem to have recovered finally! I'm glad that they're back in action and growing to my favorite lengths again.

I like to paint my nails for holidays, so the Fourth of July was an easy one! I have to admit, I tried to get all fancy on the first go-round and do some nail art with white stripes, and totally failed. Instead, I stuck to simple nails with the classic colors.

Rings: Etsy, Ebay, Celtic Ranch, maurices
Rather than keep it 100% boring, I alternated colors on fingers so that my hands didn't perfectly match. I thought it was a nice compromise. The above photo was taken the day after I painted them, with my new printed palazzo pants from maurices as a backdrop. I love a fresh photo! I did use a filter on that picture, so below is one in natural daylight, with no filter! 

Because I'm a goof, I mistakenly attributed the red color on my Instagram posts (follow me @jillianskrillian!) as a China Glaze, but in fact, the red is ORLY's "Star Spangled." LOOK AT THAT - the perfect accidental nail color choice for this holiday. Honestly, I hadn't looked at the name of it until I just flipped it over now as I am typing this... The silver is Zoya's "Seraphina." I especially love Seraphina because it's full-coverage in two coats. It's shiny but not too crazy. The blue color is courtesy of the Lady Rams, which you can read all about in this post HERE and also this post HERE. All the sticker says is "Custom," and I'm pretty pleased with the formula and color for a polish with no brand backing it up! It's a very smooth navy with itty bitty tiny color-shifting microshimmer. My favorite type of polish - microshimmers have a nice depth to them. 

The base and top coats that I always, always use, are Seche Vite. I purchase mine at Sally Beauty and I refuse to use any other top coat. I tried last summer to use MAC's clear top coat when I ran out of Seche Vite and could not easily access it, and that was a waste of money. My polish chipped within two days. So I stick to my Seche Vite!