Revive Thrift Shop on Vandeventer!

GUYS AND GALS. There is a thrift shop behind my apartment. Well, really, technically in front of my apartment. BUT, the only thing that matters is that I could probably throw a baseball through an open window in the back of the shop if I tried. It opened in April, and I've finally made a quick stop in. 

Revive Thrift Shop is not only a regular thrift shop, it's a donation-based shop that gives back. It is connected to and supported by Mission St. Louis. What's Mission St. Louis? It's an effort to help transform lives and neighborhoods, further bettering the people of St. Louis. They offer job training, youth development, home repair, senior services, and much more. Their true mission is to empower individuals and teach them to seek better opportunities. Find more HERE.

Revive itself also offers in-house work done by locals. Here's some verbage from their website:

"The Job and Leadership program empowers at-risk men, ages 18-35 with skills to become leaders in their workplace, community and families. During each Job and Leadership training session, 5-7 interns will receive training at Revive Thrift Shop. That training will include basic job skills of keeping a work schedule and interacting with co-workers, running the cash register and interacting with customers.

Additionally, several of our Job Training Interns benefit from our partnership with Anew Nature as they learning basic tool skills. Anew Nature is a small business, which takes old, broken and ugly furniture and make it into something new, beautiful, functional and loveable. Anew Nature is located in a workshop INSIDE Revive Thrift Store. You can even watch their team work through a large window.

Projects completed by our Job and Leadership Training interns will be sold in our store when they are REVIVED."

How cool is that? 

I stopped in today after a visit to Half & Half in Clayton for breakfast. I met with a fun young lady named Amy who is in town for a while watching her sister's kids. Amy is a mutual friend of my friend Michelle, who I went to grade school with. Poor Amy is stuck at her sister's place with kiddos all week so when Michelle asked if I was able to maybe meet up with Amy while she was here, I said sure! So we had some super tasty coffee and breakfast this morning and got to know each other. I had the Colombian pour-over coffee and veggie hash: 

Here's what I wore to breakfast! I knew that it was a bit cool today, so I was glad to wear a few layers again. You will recognize these boots from this post HERE! I love these babies. They're such a wonderfully eye-catching color. I purchased them at the Wicked Wallflower Pop-up Shop, which I also made a post about HERE. The T-shirt is from JC Penney, which I picked up for a ridiculous $3.75 from a super sale a few months ago! Here's the thing about Jaws - my Dad let me watch that with him when I was pretty young, and supposedly that night I went hysterically leaping into my parents' bed, apparently convinced that sharks will randomly jump onto boats to snack on people. I still, to this day, am fascinated yet terrified of sharks. I'd love to learn to surf, but I'm sure during my lesson I'll be freaking out the whole time. The denim shirt and stretchy black pants are both from maurices, and the weird, bullet-shaped lipstick pendant is from Savers in Crestwood. 

After breakfast, I was driving home and decided it was time to stop into Revive. I love their marketing/identity. Whoever helped with that did a good job - and you know I can be judgmental because I studied graphic design. The bright yellow banner across their storefront is really inviting.  

Signs behind the counter at Revive.

I shopped a bit, and was really lusting over a few of their reworked furniture items. There was a great armoire and chest of drawers set, as well as a really pretty desk. I will definitely come back when I move into a bigger place and have more room for furniture! A lot of the items were reasonably priced, and when I was in the back corner, I could actually see someone cleaning up a piece in the workshop, which I think is neat. The manager, whose name I did not catch, was working at the desk and she is so friendly! Being a customer service fiend myself, I am always very pleased to find a shop that has great employees. It makes returning so much easier and much more often! Also, all the books are FREE! Yes! You can bring one to trade, or just take one home. My new library addition is The Once and Future King. I read this ages ago, and I'm excited to read it again!

This little cutie came home with me! The lighting in their fitting rooms is pretty harsh, so the color is very washed out, but the top is a lovely dark, dark lavender with the most adorable little dandelion-like print all over. I love the floaty feeling. I can't wait to wear it with a black mini skirt and some sandals or a pair of high-waisted shorts and low boots!

Wrist candy galore! These all look handmade, which I'm sure my mom will roll her eyes at! She makes jewelry, and at any point I can always invite myself over to make jewelry and hang out, which I know definitely needs to happen soon. June is a very busy month, but I really need to start getting back over to work for my mom and help her with her jewelry business, Bridget Fainne, which you can shop HERE on etsy!

I also picked up a couple little things as gifts for my parents, too, which I won't post pictures of, of course! Father's Day is coming up so I snagged my Dad something fun, and also a little something for my Mom's birthday, which is next month! 

I know you all love thrifting, so why not stop by a shop that supports an amazing cause in Saint Louis! Go check out Revive asap! Here is a picture of their June calendar if you'd like to check out their upcoming sales: