"Case of the Mondays"

We all know that complaint: "Oh, here comes another Monday."

But listen up. It can't be just because I work retail and I don't typically have "weekends." 

I don't mind Mondays at all. It's just another day to be awesome. Another day to be working towards your goals, no matter how tangible or lofty they might be. 

My Monday consisted of waking up unusually early to make it to work early. I had to complete some things around the store that I wasn't able to finish last night. See, I worked yesterday, too. No weekends. Instead of buying coffee, I used my Shakeology bottle that I won from a challenge group on Facebook. Last night at Walgreens I peeped a powder shake formula called Fit Miss as I was on my way to the pharmacy. I liked the samples I had tried of Shakeology, but the full product was way out of my price range. The bottle I picked up of Fit Miss was on sale for extra points and I already had some Walgreens points racked up to use. I drank that this morning at 8:15am (shaken with milk) and had a banana. I picked up the chocolate formula, and it actually tastes a lot like Swiss Miss hot cocoa to me, if you were to drink that stuff cold. It kept me going until I started feeling hungry about 1:00pm. Sounds like a winner to me! 

Work was quite slow, but Mondays tend to be that way. Instead of worrying about it, I focused really intensely on every customer that walked through the door and whipped through tasks. It felt good, and although there is so much that always needs to be done in our store, I feel like a lot was accomplished and I am proud of that. 

Mondays are for being proud of a job well done! And grateful for things that you have, such as employment. Or, perhaps family, friends, your good health, your significant other, your dog, your cat, your couch, your Netflix, your whatever. 

I'm grateful for cheap red lipstick (NYX Cosmetics Matte red in Alabama over Palladio Herbal Lip Liner in Red). I'm grateful for cute clothes and fun customers. I'm grateful for Dutch braiding, which makes my hair have mermaid waves. 

I hope you're making the best of your Monday!