Belated Recap of the Wicked Wallflower Pop-up Shop and Outfit Photos!

With everything that's been going on, I've been slacking a teensy weensy bit here on the blog! It may not seem like it, but I have big plans to keep this as updated as possible, with all sorts of content, and sometimes, life just spreads me too thin. I've only had one mental crack or two here and there, and that's pretty good for how much I have happening all the time! 

But I finally wanted to share with you a post and some fun outfit photos from last month's Wicked Pop-up Shop Anniversary, hosted by Sarah of The Wicked Wallflower on 4/20/14. Sarah is an absolute sweetheart, and although we had only met in person a handful of times before the Pop-up Shop, she was very welcoming and let me be a vendor! I had loads of stuff to try and sell, from vintage clothes to trinkets to even never used nail polish (I have a polish problem). The even was held at Blank Space on Cherokee Street, with live spinning by DJ Deks (who really helped get me in the mood for summer songs with a reggae set! Y'all know I love me some reggae during warmer months).

My mom came along and helped me setup for the day. I luckily had a wall behind me that had some permanent hooks installed in it, which I am guessing are for hanging art. I was able to hang up some clothing items on the hooks because I am a goofball and forgot to bring hangers for clothes! Before we technically even "opened," a few of us vendors were already swapping items and making deals! Later during the day, I traded for some gray heeled vintage boots, and also snatched an amazing pair of flat, pixie boots in the most perfect lipstick red. The lovely ladies vending next to me were Lauren and Jessica, who I both happen to already know, so it was nice having familiar faces nearby. 

Since the Pop-up Shop was actually held on Easter Sunday, many vendors brought along Easter candy to share. Holy smokes, y'all, have you had those Dove chocolate eggs with coconut? They blew my mind. As I've gotten older, I've really fallen in love with coconut, especially when it's drenched in chocolate! Blank Space's bar was open and was serving both alcoholic beverages and Blueprint Coffee, which is a local coffee company. Blueprint is hosting a party for Coffeefest later this month. It's always a great idea to support locals! Find more info about that party HERE.

Before we hopped outside to take a few outfit photos, I had to make sure my lipstick was still looking fresh. I'd eaten a banana and an apple and had been sipping a water, so of course Miles caught me in the act. However, I have to say that this lipstick doesn't quit! Here I'm slapping on one of Stila's Stay All Day Matte Lipsticks. I picked up my first one in the color Aria in July of 2013, and have collected a few other colors since then. The one I was wearing at the Pop-up Shop is the color Carina, and it's a very intense orange-red. 

Miles and I stepped down the street a bit really quickly to snap photos, and realized that the colors on Cherokee are great for backgrounds! Look at the baby blue and pink together! 

The weather outside was perfect! Just warm enough to scream "Spring!" and also featured a cute little breeze that kept making my hair go all over the place. I knew I wanted to wear something a little funky and sassy, and this skirt from work was perfect for that. I've been having a little fun here and there with boy-chic and sporty-chic, so I knew I wanted to throw this sleeveless sweatshirt with the skirt. I would totally be okay rocking the skirt alone, but being a vendor meant I was going to be bending over and potentially flashing the whole crowd, so I opted to layer a pair of lace-trimmed bike shorts underneath the skirt. These pinup-style heels covered in a floral print are a personal favorite, but they don't see much use as the incline on the inside is pretty intense. I'll totally admit that I was focused on looking good that day, and I know the height on these make my legs look looong. I love finding shoes that do that because I'm all torso with short legs. I suppose this outfit makes that not so obvious, but believe you me, it's true. 

Like I said, the wind... 

You wanna know what's really funny? I just realized I still have the cash I made from this day sitting in my bank envelope on my kitchen table. Man, I need to do some spring cleaning! But, hey! That means I have a little more money than I thought! Whoot! 

I always try to snap shots with any friends that are in the vicinity during an event, because friends are pretty awesome, right? The below left photo feature Ms Jessica and her amazing kitty leggings. She's a babe and one of the most down-to-earth ladies I've met recently. Okay, I'm not entirely sure what happened to my face in the below right photo, I almost look like I'm cringing, but Sarah looks super cute! I adore Sarah's 90s child style and really liked that she threw a belt around her lower waist to jazz up her pants. I might be looking into doing that sometime soon...


Miles and I hopped back outside to snap a couple more quick photos, and this happened. That's Lauren in the middle, another sweet gal I've gotten to know more recently. So it's me, and two gorgeous ladies who have modeled before. They need to teach me their ways.

 Miles also snapped a solo shot of Jessica in front of the rad van to show off her top. It's from Bluebird Apparel, which is another local company you should show some love to! The shop is located in the Delmar Loop and I have been eyeballing some things on their website for TOO LONG. You might remember the name Bluebird Apparel as I mentioned them in the VIP Blogger Lounge post found HERE. I also mentioned Bluebird in my post for the STLFW Designer Showcase HERE - if you recall me mentioning live models, Jessica was one of them!

I'm so grateful to be meeting all these lovely ladies and have to say "thanks!" again to Sarah for letting me be a part of the Pop-up Shop! I hope to be able to be involved again in the future as well. 

I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday and its phenomenal weather. I'm about to go take my pup for a walk and indulge in the perfect dusk lighting. Thanks for reading! xoxo!

Photography: Miles Gaudet

Outfit Details:
YO! Sweatshirt: Olsenboye for JC Penney
Lace Bra Top (peeking out on the sides): Victoria's Secret (available but not in black online)
Skirt: maurices (no longer available online)
Necklace +  Bracelets: maurices (some available online) and Cato
Lace-Trimmed Bike Shorts: eBay years and years ago
Heels: Forever21 last year
Rings: Long-term my own