My First Try at Jamberry Nails!

On Sunday, I popped into Leopard Boutique for a Jamberry Nails event. I've heard of Jamberry Nails before, but I haven't had the chance to try them. The funny thing is, I feel slightly silly to write that. I realized today while futzing around in my nail polish collection that I actually have a package of them. They were gifted to me by my friend De for the holidays, and I didn't even realize that they were Jamberry Nails! Gosh, I really do need to clean out my beauty supplies more often...

Just after I finished my right hand!

Jamberry Nails are vinyl nail wraps, or nail shields as it pops up when you type in their address on your web browser. You apply them with heat and pressure, and they should last about 2 weeks. They come in an array of colors and patterns, especially super fun ones like the houndstooth and circus-colored diamonds I'm wearing. You can see in the background in the above photo all the different patterns that were available. They're quite easy to apply, and I think only took about 20 minutes.

Leopard Boutique hosted the Jamberry party, and provided mimosas and snacks. The spring weather was perfectly matched for the fruit skewers. I think I ate four. Oops! That made two days in a row I was treated to mimosas. I cannot say no to that! 

I didn't manage to grab an outfit photo, but I went for stripes and red. Black, white, and red are my favorite colors to mash up together. An interesting thing to point out about the nail wraps is that they look a bit different on different-length nails. Take a look above. My left pinkie barely shows off the white stripe on the wrap's pattern. Below, you can see more of the nail wrap because my right pinkie is a bit longer. That almost makes it more like wearing even another type of pattern. I'm easily amused, it seems. 

They're so clean and crisp, and that's especially what I like about them. And to have a pattern at my fingertips is exciting - it's almost like another accessory! I saw that they even offer collegiate patterns, so I think I will have to order some for my sister soon! She's down at LSU in Louisiana. 

The party's hostess was Angie Cannon-Curtis. She's a consultant for Jamberry, and was very sweet. She was patient with me when I goofed up my first attempt on my left thumbnail and didn't apply it correctly. You can find out more about Jamberry Nails and order from Angie directly here:

Outfit Details:
Nails: Jamberry Nails
Striped Turtleneck: maurices
Swing Jacket: Leopard Boutique
Skinny Jeans: Silver Denim from maurices
Heels: vintage, thrifted