Late Brunch Last Sunday

If you live in the Midwest, you know the weather here has been totally bizarre. The "Polar Vortex" just about nearly killed me, and I'm not joking. We had a couple days in a row of -7 degree weather in broad daylight. I wasn't even aware that an occurrence like that was possible here. Digging your car out from under 11 inches of snow (I measured with a ruler!) is no easy task, especially when you're wearing three pairs of gloves and your fingers still are in pain from the cold. 

When the weather starts heading upwards and flatlines out for a few days at 35 degrees, I suddenly and magically forget to wear a real coat. I honestly do believe that I only wore my leather jacket over sweaters the entire 2012-2013 winter season. This year, I've mostly forsaken good looks for the safety of my serious ski coat. But last Sunday was warm enough I was able to pull off a few layers and bring my leather baby back out of the closet. 

I'm a fan of layers whenever possible, because they can add interest to an otherwise boring outfit. In this case, I have two sleeveless layers and one with sleeves. It was almost warm enough... Taking these photos on my tripod was not necessarily easy or fun due to the cold and the fact that the ground you see there is NOT snow - it is a sheet of pure ice cleverly disguised as snow. And so let me say that although the name of this blog refers to wearing stilettos (which I do frequently), I refuse to try to wear any kind of heel when the ground is covered by three inches of pure ice. Sorry, y'all. So, vintage boots it is. 

But let me give a shout out to this pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters. They're the Twig High-Rise Jeans with a button fly. These lovelies make me feel like a damn rockstar. They're sexily skin-tight, and actually fairly high-rise on me! If you have a long torso like me, these might be a good choice for you. A lot of high-rise jeans and shorts barely make it near my belly button. These get pretty close, and have enough stretch that they don't feel like they're squeezing the life out of my "athletic" legs. Thank you, years of sports.  

Last Sunday, I met up with a relatively new friend of mine and my now hairstylist, Emily, for brunch. We caught up and got to know each other a bit better at Sasha's on Demun. I've been to Sasha's on Shaw a few times, but have never ventured into Sasha's on Demun. It's small and quite cozy. The bartender was friendly and my Bloody Mary was pretty tasty. We had a funny exchange over how I didn't think the ingredients (apples, brie, and mango chutney) in the Triple Crème D’affinois crepe were unusual enough to warrant the description "This is for the more daring." I would suppose that is because I already tend to be a bit of an adventurous eater. The crepe was very good, and withstood the test of heated-up leftovers for a snack later. 

After crepes and girl chat, I headed just down the street to Kaldi's and grabbed a pick-me-up-latte before heading to a local printing shop to assist my tattoo artist (the AMAZING Lauren Busiere of Tower Classic Tattooing) in making copies of her and her fellow Cammeron's work. She recently tattooed an incredible outline on my left arm for my soon-to-be-finished  custom half-sleeve. I can't wait to have it shaded in. 

Outfit Details:
Hat: Macy's
Wilson's Leather Jacket: Thrifted
Scarf: Gift
Crop Sweater: Thrifted
Leopard-Trim Button-Down: Leopard Boutique, Webster Groves
Jeans: Urban Outiftters
Justin Boots: Thrifted